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Day trips: (1-6 days) Choose a combination of waters to explore.
We normally pick up your party in Lethbridge. Other pickups are easily arranged to simplify your travel and fishing plans. One variation might be a South Eastern Calgary pickup to fish the beautiful Bow River, either the first or last day of your trip.

All Inclusive: (2 day, 2 person minimum) Like to be pampered? Treat your self to our All Inclusive Package. Once you’re here we take of the rest. It’s hassle free; you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll pick you up at the airport in Lethbridge and take you to the lodge where you will be able to relax enjoy your selves. Lodging, meals, and transportation to and from your fishing areas are all provided. A great way to unwind!

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Dear Barry,
I want to thank you for the awesome trip this summer. It was beyond my wildest expectations. This is the third time we have been together in your " stomping grounds" and it is hard to believe that it could have been better than the previous two. When you told me that I would be fishing to 25" plus rainbows on a dry I found it hard to believe. Better yet, the drys were size 4 hoppers!

I must say that your knowledge of the waters we fished made every second count. You put me on fish after fish.The 26" rainbow I landed the second day is my personal best for a resident rainbow on any river. I won't ever forget the exhilarating run of the big female taking me well into my backing as she got air six times moving up river. What a strong fish! In fact, every fish I hooked felt like a pig. These babies must be on some serious steroids.

I would also feel amiss if I didn't mention the beauty of the Upper Old Man River. I am amazed every time we make the trip there. It has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing places on earth. The monster Bull Trout and gorgeous Cutthroats aren't anything to sniff at either.

I just wanted to drop this note and tell you thanks again for a fantastic trip. This trip each summer is the highlight of my year. See you in August!

George Snell
Layton, Utah

Ps. George has come every year for the past 16 years

To Whom It May Concern:
I really enjoyed the time I spent on the water with Barry. He is very relaxed as a guide, very easy to be guided by and knew the water we fished very well. He was effective at putting us onto fish, and ensuring that everyone in our party had a successful day—in adverse weather conditions even. I experienced some of the most exciting angling I’ve ever had, hitting at least three personal bests in one day for big rainbows in a river (24”, 25”, 26”). Based on my experience with him as a guide on both this river and the Michelle in British Columbia I would strongly recommend him to anyone. 

Tim Baxter
San Francisco, CA

Dear Barry,                        
Thank you for accepting our invitation to visit you again. The fishing environment you work in is extremely challenging. More importantly, so are the fish.

It is a deep pleasure for me to be with someone that is a serious student, and teacher, of both subjects. To be fishing again, with you, brings me considerable comfort, because of your inherent sense of the persons with you, and your desire to bring them safety, comfort, and the subject at hand.

The fishery you know so well is one of the most exciting, challenging, and beautiful I've known. To see a rainbow, literally, jump five times, at eye level, thirty feet away, big enough to not believe the size, is a picture that will remain in my mind's eye, etched like the frosted figures on an expensive glass.

I have a picture in my temporal lobe of a great fish pushing a mound of water in front of his nose, and then rising out, the sound of the behemoths mouth closing around an unaware hopper. 

We look forward to seeing you and the hoppers, soon.

Bob/Sue Shayne