Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Anglers is owned and operated by Barry Byam. It is built on a solid reputation of exceptional service. If you like to be pampered while having fun we are the guide service for you.  

Barry is an experienced fisherman and guide. He has been guiding for 18 years. Barry will personally be involved in all aspects of your fishing excursion. One of the fun aspects of fly-fishing is learning new techniques and reading the ever changing conditions. During the off-season Barry is a high school science instructor. He is knowledgeable in the areas of entomology and a variety of fishing techniques. Despite his large physical presence (6’3”), his strength is patience and the ability to help you adapt to present conditions regardless of your age, gender and ability.  

Alberta ’s Rocky Mountain Anglers is big enough to be able to handle all your group’s needs, yet small enough to really care about your enjoyment on a personal level. All of our staff are accomplished fly fishermen and experienced guides. We promise a positive, upbeat atmosphere no matter how your adventure unfolds. Whether expert or novice, Rocky Mountain Anglers is equipped to make your experience relaxing, successful and memorable. 

 Fishing Style

Drift boats are generally used when water levels are high enough. They are great for getting you to those secluded spots. Once there, the real action is often found on foot. Regardless of the mode of travel we are there helping you make the most of every run, riffle and eddy. 

A good portion of our fishing season favors using dry flies. Catching big Cutthroats, Browns and monstrous Rainbows on the surface is incredibly exciting. If the action is to be had below the surface, streamers, wooly buggers and various nymphs are the key to some intense action. Regardless of where the action is, you will be pleased to know that size 20 flies are rarely needed to be successful in southern Alberta. 

Please see our Hatch Charts for appropriate flies to bring. At Rocky Mountain Anglers, we have some custom ties that will help you get the edge you need to get your heart pumping.  There is no charge for the flies that you use to supplement those that you have brought.